Olive Oil Tasting

Directly from our Olive Grove

Within our estate, a captivating sight awaits as you encounter our grove of three hundred olive trees, which yield the finest extra virgin olive oil—completely organic. Immerse yourself in the world of olives as we invite you to taste our oil, showcasing different vintages and extraction methods, each offering a unique flavor profile and sensory experience.

Savor the distinct characteristics of our carefully crafted olive oil, a result of our dedication to quality and sustainability. From the rich and robust notes of oils from older vintages to the fresh and vibrant flavors of oils extracted using various methods, each tasting promises to be an exploration of nuanced aromas and exquisite taste.

To enhance your culinary experiences during your stay, our olive oil is available for purchase. Bring a touch of Italy's culinary excellence to your villa dinners or take a piece of our estate home with you, allowing the flavors of our olive oil to transport you back to the cherished memories of your time spent in our beautiful region.

Experience the essence of our land through the golden liquid of our olive oil, and let its remarkable flavors and aromas leave an indelible mark on your palate.