Underground Cave

The Story

From the cellar, a fascinating journey awaits as you step into the renovated underground cave, a testament to the rich history preserved by our family. This cave served as a sulphur mine for many years and played a vital role during the Second World War. In those tumultuous times, the local residents sought refuge within its depths, as the nearby Monte Maggiore al Metauro marked the path of the Gothic line, posing a grave risk to their lives. The cave provided a vital passage, allowing people to move from one house to another, ensuring their safety and survival.

Adjacent to the cave, within the Antico Casolare, you will find the entrance to one of these tunnels. Meticulously restored, it stands as a tribute to the historical significance of the place. These interconnected tunnels symbolize the resilience and determination of the people who relied on them during challenging times, and now serve as a reminder of the importance of preserving the heritage and stories that have shaped our past.