Wide Swimming Pool Area

The pool area is surrounded by expansive spaces, providing ample room for sunbathing and relaxation. Take advantage of the generous poolside areas to bask in the warm sunlight and unwind. Additionally, these spacious surroundings offer the perfect setting for enjoying al fresco dining experiences, allowing you to savor delicious meals while delighting in the poolside atmosphere.

Large Swimming Pool

Nestled within the estate, you will find a spacious and inviting swimming pool, exuding an atmosphere of tranquility and leisure. The pool is encompassed by a lush hedge, creating a private and secluded oasis for your enjoyment. Immerse yourself in the refreshing waters of the pool, enveloped by the natural beauty and serenity that the surrounding hedge provides.

All Surroundend by Greenery

Immersed in the embrace of nature, the estate is enveloped by the enchanting flora that is indigenous to our region. With great care and respect for the essence of the location, we have preserved and nurtured the plants and flowers that are characteristic of the area, ensuring that the identity and charm of the place remain intact. Explore the grounds and revel in the vibrant beauty of the surroundings, as nature unfolds its captivating display of colors and scents, creating a truly immersive experience.

Relaxing Area

Throughout the villa, you will find large modern sofas thoughtfully placed, inviting you to unwind and luxuriate during the long summer evenings. Whether you seek a cozy nook for introspection or a comfortable gathering spot for socializing, these spacious sofas offer the perfect retreat to relax, revel in the ambiance, and make lasting memories in the company of loved ones.

Outdoor Dining Area 

Indulge in delightful dining experiences at our outdoor dining area, which offers breathtaking views overlooking the shimmering pool. This idyllic setting allows you to savor your meals in the open air, surrounded by the tranquil beauty of the surroundings. Immerse yourself in the soothing atmosphere as you relish delectable cuisine and create unforgettable memories against the backdrop of the glistening pool.

Pool Area from Dining Area

Imagine an Italian dinner with this magnificent view as your backdrop-a picturesque scene that evokes a sense of enchantment and romance. Picture yourself savoring the flavors of traditional Italian cuisine, while being captivated by the captivating sight of the pool reflecting the warm glow of the setting sun. The combination of delectable dishes, the beauty of the surroundings, and the company of loved ones would create a truly unforgettable and quintessentially Italian dining experience.


At the hour of the day we cherish the most, the enchanting sunset, the villa reveals its true magic. As the golden rays of the sun gently caress the landscape, casting a warm glow over the surroundings, the villa transforms into a mesmerizing haven. Imagine the captivating hues of the sunset painting the sky, while you bask in the beauty of this idyllic setting. It is a time when the villa truly shines, offering an ethereal ambiance that embraces you with tranquility and awe-inspiring beauty.

Outdoor Spaces

As aperitif time approaches, the outdoor spaces of the villa come alive with an irresistible allure. Imagine yourself immersed in the ambiance of this magical hour, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the serene atmosphere. Find yourself reclining in comfortable seating, with a refreshing drink in hand, as the gentle breeze carries the tantalizing aroma of Italian flavors. The outdoor spaces become a haven for relaxation and conviviality, inviting you to unwind, engage in lively conversation, and create cherished memories during this enchanting aperitif time.

Swimming Pool

As the sun begins its descent, casting a warm, golden glow across the landscape, the swimming pool becomes a captivating oasis of tranquility and beauty. Picture yourself at the water's edge, witnessing the remarkable transformation of the sky as vibrant hues of orange, pink, and purple paint a breathtaking canvas above. The gentle ripples on the pool's surface reflect the enchanting colors, creating a mesmerizing dance of light. With the serenity of the evening setting in, you can immerse yourself in the pool, feeling the cool water caress your skin while the radiant sunset envelops you in a moment of pure bliss.